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Criminal Defense Lawyers near me in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens and other upstate counties, as well as in Greenville County SC

By: E. Powers Price, Criminal Attorney Greenville, SC and James H. Price IV, Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, SC (and Nearby Adjacent Counties in Upstate SC)

Few law firms featuring criminal lawyers in South Carolina are just as comfortable in federal court criminal cases as in state criminal law courts. Our legal professionals are among the best lawyers in Greenville SC and are equally skilled in both state and federal criminal courts.

Federal and State Criminal Defense in SC Upstate Counties

Some tickets issued by police officers are for relatively minor misdemeanor criminal cases, like speeding or a stop sign violation. If your traffic violation on that traffic court case will negatively affect your driving record, our Greenville SC DUI attorneys are up to the task of providing aggressive criminal defense SC.

Yet, after an arrest in upstate SC or when facing an investigation or pending formal criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. Finding dozens of names of criminal lawyers in Greenville, SC, you are baffled about whom to call. Similarly, our criminal law professionals routinely cover criminal arrests in Spartanburg County, too.

Your goal is to locate and hire the best criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC. This desire for top representation applies to both state crimes and federal criminal charges.

Can your traffic ticket lawyers help me in Anderson South Carolina? Yes, we can. You need to “hand over” control of the defense of your criminal prosecution to seasoned, legal warriors. E. Powers Price and James H. Price IV are those upstate SC attorneys. This equally applies to those who need a legal advocate as their criminal defense attorney Anderson, SC.

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If you know that trouble is coming in the form of criminal matters, you want to retain a lawyer in Greenville South Carolina as early as possible. Not all law firms in Greenville, SC handle criminal defense cases. To learn about our legal services for criminal cases give us a call to schedule your FREE lawyer consultation.

Those who have never been arrested before will ask far more questions than those who have been through the criminal justice system. Our attorneys in Greenville SC will spend whatever time is needed to discuss various aspects of your criminal offense either at our law office near me, by virtual call, or on the telephone.

At our law office, our criminal defense team of Greenville SC lawyers represents people with one goal in mind: to do all possible things to win your case and keep public records free of a serious criminal conviction. From the time your case is docketed with the clerk of court, our legal professionals will be diligently attacking the States’ evidence against you.

If a potential client has a prior conviction, our South Carolina attorneys will emphasize that cases in General Sessions court are the more serious state criminal law charges. So, if a prior felony exists on your record, the stakes will likely be much higher, when defending the current case. Details win cases and filing targeted motions to seek the exclusion of harmful evidence will be part of our criminal case strategy.

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