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Federal and State Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyers near me in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens and other upstate counties, as well as in Greenville County SC

By: E. Powers Price, Criminal Attorney Greenville, SC and James H. Price IV, Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, SC (and Nearby Adjacent Counties in Upstate SC)

Few law firms featuring criminal lawyers in South Carolina are just as comfortable in federal court criminal cases as in state criminal law courts. Our legal professionals are among the best lawyers in Greenville SC and are equally skilled in both criminal courts.

Some tickets issued by police officers are for relatively minor misdemeanor criminal cases, like speeding or a stop sign violation. If your traffic violation on that traffic court case will negatively affect your driving record, our Greenville SC DUI attorneys are up to the task of providing aggressive criminal defence SC.

Yet, after an arrest in upstate SC or when facing an investigation or pending formal criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. Finding dozens of names of criminal lawyers in Greenville, SC, you are baffled about whom to call. Similarly, our criminal law professionals routinely cover criminal arrests in Spartanburg County, too.

Federal and State Criminal Defense in SC Upstate Counties

Your goal is to locate and hire the best criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC. This desire for top representation applies to both state crimes and federal criminal charges.

Can your traffic ticket lawyers help me in Anderson South Carolina? Yes, we can. You need to “hand over” control of the defense of your criminal prosecution to seasoned, legal warriors. E. Powers Price and James H. Price IV are those upstate SC attorneys. This equally applies to those who need a legal advocate as their criminal defense attorney Anderson, SC.

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If you know that trouble is coming in the form of criminal matters, you want to retain a lawyer in Greenville South Carolina as early as possible. To learn about our legal services for criminal cases, see our toll-free number below, for your FREE lawyer consultation.

 Those who have never been arrested before will ask far more questions than those who have been through the criminal justice system. Our attorneys in Greenville SC will spend whatever time is needed to discuss various aspects of your criminal offense either at our law office near me, by virtual call, or on the telephone.

At our law office, our criminal defense team represents people with one goal in mind: to do all possible things to win your case and keep public records free of a serious criminal conviction. From the time your case is docketed with the clerk of court, our legal professionals will be diligently attacking the States’ evidence against you.

If a potential client has a prior conviction, our South Carolina attorneys will emphasize that cases in General Sessions court are the more serious state criminal law charges. So, if a prior felony exists on your record, the stakes will likely be much higher, when defending the current case. Details win cases and filing targeted motions to seek the exclusion of harmful evidence will be part of our criminal case strategy.

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Our Law Office’s Primary Criminal Law Practice Areas as Your Criminal Defense Attorneys Greenville, SC

Our criminal defense attorneys have substantial experience effectively representing clients across the spectrum of criminal charges, including:

Marijuana and Other Drug Crimes: State and federal drug crimes carry significant consequences. Until marijuana legalization occurs, federal marijuana laws and state laws call for potentially devastating jail sentences in the Palmetto State. Defending against drug crimes requires substantial knowledge of search and seizure law, a tenacious criminal defense trial lawyer, and one that is familiar with all alternative sentencing options if the client is convicted.

DUI vs DWI Offenses: A conviction on a drunk driving charge under South Carolina DUI laws can lead to higher insurance premiums, a loss of driving privileges, fines, jail time, and more. Powers Price first practiced as a public defender, acting as the lawyer for indigents as their DUI attorney Greenville, SC.

James H. Price IV, started his career as an assistant solicitor, fighting multiple criminal defense lawyers Greenville SC along his multi-year prosecution path. Now, he uses that knowledge to be a recognized expert DUI lawyer Greenville, SC.

Speak with a DUI lawyer Greenville SC for information on your court and its propensity to allow for a reduction of charges. We can review every relevant detail and provide you with representation aimed at protecting your future.

Sex Crimes and Offenses: With a prison likely (if convicted), the South Carolina criminal defense lawyer for sex crime charges you select is highly important. Plus, a conviction means a sex offender registration and the stigma that such a conviction for a sex offense would bring.

This would be recorded not only in Greenville County criminal records but in national, federal sex registry records. So, in conducting your South Carolina attorney search, remember that you need representation from a lawyer who understands the special nuances and challenges of defending clients facing sex crime charges.

Price & Price Attorneys have defended everything from sexting to child porn to rape and statutory rape cases. Even a high-speed traffic citation is not a minor criminal charge for some clients.

Domestic Violence: A domestic violence conviction (also called family violence) can have an adverse impact on where you live, your job, your right to bear arms, and more. Tell us your story and let us provide the criminal defense strategy best suited to your unique circumstances. When visible injuries exist, you need an SC domestic violence lawyer to assert self-defense or another affirmative defense.

Federal Charges: The federal government has vast resources to prosecute crimes. Our Greenville lawyers draw on decades of experience in federal court to provide exceptional representation in defending against federal charges. Our Title Nine defense of college students, teachers, and administrators is a federal matter.

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White Collar Crimes: Financial fraud and other forms of white-collar crime in SC are high-stake matters. You need the assistance of a lawyer with the experience and financial acumen to craft an effective defense strategy.

Wire Fraud: Financial crimes involving wire fraud, which could involve telemarketing schemes or “phishing” emails, frequently end up in federal court. Our attorneys understand what it takes to answer and defend these types of charges.

Conspiracy: Allegations involving multiple people might lead to conspiracy charges. People found to be part of a conspiracy can be punished for actions they had no direct involvement with. This makes effective legal representation even more crucial.

Assault And Battery: Violent offenses, including assault and battery, are serious matters. The depth and breadth of your lawyer’s criminal defense experience will be critical to your future in such high-stakes cases.

Traffic Ticket and Speeding Ticket Defense: Most people don’t think to search for criminal law attorneys for their traffic lawyer Greenville, SC, but that is exactly who you need. For some, a serious traffic crime like hit and run, reckless driving, attempting to elude an officer and DUI can devastate a successful person’s career.

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Why to Call Our Criminal Lawyers in South Carolina

First and foremost, INFORMATION can help you “settle down.” Once you shift your legal burden from your shoulders to ours, the sleeplessness, confusion, panic, and lack of familiarity with the criminal justice system will come into focus better. Select a criminal defense attorney Greenville, SC at Price Law Group and get started fighting your case.

When evaluating attorneys near me in upstate South Carolina, our Price lawyers offer you a no-cost, confidential, FREE consultation. Our objective is to win or to mitigate the impact of our clients’ legal dilemmas!

Few physicians will discuss medical problems on the phone or at a no-cost office visit, but our Greenville South Carolina criminal attorneys near me will. Call today by using our toll-free number, 1-85-LAW-PRICE, or 1-855-297-7324.

Our legal team also handles plaintiffs’ personal injury law cases and family law (divorce matters), if you need help in the future with such cases. Litigation is in our blood, as 4th generation SC lawyers!