Are you going through some serious domestic trouble in your personal life and looking for some assistance from Divorce Attorneys? If so, you have landed in the right place with Price Law Firm. Some search out female family lawyers near me, and both James H. Price IV and Powers Price are ready and able to assist those Web searchers.

Divorce, separation, and dissolution of the marriage itself is a nerve-wracking process. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a competent, professional yet compassionate family law attorney to handle your separation or divorce case and zealously represent your interests.

Our legal team has the right people with the right skills to handle your family law case with absolute professionalism and compassion. Contact Ms. Powers Price or Mr. James Price if you are looking for effective and affordable divorce attorneys in Greenville SC.

E. Powers Price

Powers Price is a savvy, structured legal thinker. She graduated from law school in 2011, and then became a public defender to be able to quickly get into the courtroom to litigate cases. Next, she joined her father at Price Law Firm, to learn about private practice, including SC divorce law.

E. Powers Price is one of two Lawyers in Greenville SC at Price & Price Law Firm that adeptly handle divorce, child support, child custody, separation, alimony and domestic violence cases for upstate SC clients in a 9-county area. Count on Powers to be the best female divorce attorney near me.

After beginning her law career defending criminal clients who were indigent, she blossomed into a determined and skilled SC lawyer with extensive experience in handling divorce cases with her father, James “Chip” Price. Over the next few years, she gained extensive experience while battling and winning multiple divorce, legal custody, and child support cases, and becoming a top-rated female family law attorney near me.

James Hardy Price IV

Greenville SC law office. Whether you need divorce lawyer in Anderson SC, or searching for Spartanburg divorce attorneys, James can be there for your aggressive representation.

After graduating from law school in 2011, James started his legal career prosecuting criminal cases for several years. Then, James joined the Price family firm in 2016, and was trained by his father, Chip Price, who was Greenville’s best-known litigator.

The work as an assistant solicitor in Greenville, SC gave him the vast amount of trial experience he needed. Since joining Price & Price attorneys, James has developed exceptional expertise in handling family law cases by being able to draw upon the criminal law foundation he had from handling domestic violence SC cases.

In 2021 and going forward, he and his sister are two well-respected divorce lawyers in SC who limit their geographic scope of practice to the upstate SC counties, versus trying to cover Columbia, Charleston and areas in between Greenville and the Atlantic Ocean. When Price & Price attorneys are hired, you will be getting a name partner, not an associate.

Our lawyers in Greenville, SC covering upstate divorce in SC, basically limit our family law courts in the upstate area. This may be family court Greenville SC, or Anderson or Spartanburg County. along I-85 within a 25 mile swath north and south of that thoroughfare along the path of Interstate 85 in the Palmetto State.

An Experienced and Sympathetic “Sounding Board” for Achieving Your Legal Objectives

While going through the most frantic phase of your life, you need someone to understand your emotions and present your side of the story exactly how you feel. Hiring a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable domestic relations attorney will deliver a solution for the required divorce law purposes.

Those looking for cheap divorce lawyers in Greenville SC are denigrating the value of top-notch legal counsel. On the medical side of their lives, looking for a cheap surgeon is not a similar search they would make a life-saving surgeon. Hence, hiring the best divorce lawyers is the best plan.

SC Family Law Services in Domestic Dispute Cases

The family lawyers at Price Law Firm in Greenville SC are the biggest supporters of marriage and keeping families together. Our legal professionals know the many problems and challenges in broken homes. However, we also know that acrimonious relationships can sour children in such homes in their own future relationships.

Below are some of the areas of family law and divorce law that our South Carolinians pursue in family courts in upstate South Carolina. In handling our clients’ legal matters, our law team provides exceptional legal advice and consultation services.

Our experienced and skilled lawyers, E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price VI are seasoned professionals who learned their “trade” from their father, James H. Price III, who passed away in the year 2020, after 45 years of law practice.

A judge has the authority to decide the amount and conditions for payment of alimony. If your ex-spouse is reluctant to pay alimony according to the court order or you need some assistance in adjusting the amount of alimony, reach out to our Price Law Team. Our seasoned lawyers are ready to present your modification case convincingly in the county family court.

When Is Alimony Awarded in South Carolina Divorce Cases?

During any SC divorce proceeding, the judge in family court might order compensating one spouse from the other spouse’s resources. This award (if allowed) is known as alimony.

A judge has the authority to decide the amount and conditions for payment of alimony. If your ex-spouse is reluctant to pay alimony according to the court order or you need some assistance in adjusting the amount of alimony, reach out to our Price Law Team. Our seasoned lawyers are ready to present your modification case convincingly in the county family court.

Logo for the Price Law Firm, locate din Greenville South Carolina. Now with over 115 years of legal services from one or another "James Price" descendant, the Price family has supplied divorce lawyers to South Carolinians for over a century. Powers Price is considered to be among the top female divorce lawyers near me in the northern part of the great state of South Carolina.

Female Divorce Lawyers in Greenville SC for Child Custody

South Carolina family laws, neither of the parents is presumed to have any natural right to have the legal custody of the child. Thus, only the family court judge decides issues surrounding child custody and visitation rights for the minor children.

Some people prefer female divorce attorneys in Greenville SC for legal advice in their domestic disputes. Partner E. Powers Price is happy to discuss your options regarding physical custody and visitation schedules of your child. For complete guidance and assistance during an uncontested or contested divorce process, Powers offers her services at reasonable rates.

Limit your search to the top divorce attorneys near me. All the best rated legal firms offer “divorce lawyers near me free consultation,” because they know that you need to feel comfortable with the legal advocates guiding your family law case.

Child Support, Education and Childcare Costs

Child support is the payment ordered by the court to be paid for the well-being of the child and is calculated based on the income of the two spouses. Issues such as childcare costs, education expenses, medical care cost, and a few other factors must be considered.

No matter what type of assistance in calculating a proper child support plan, our law professionals can help. When your children’s future is at stake, you need professional and experienced lawyers. Please feel free to contact us at our Greenville law office for all upstate SC Counties.

Divorce Is the Final Option if Any Chance of Reconciliation Is Available

As mentioned before, our Price attorneys strongly believe in the institution of marriage and can provide ideas and support to clients seeking reconciliation. Because it is general knowledge that going through a divorce can be hard on everyone within the family unit, and you need some experienced and knowledgeable support from attorneys in South Carolina that can walk you through this difficult situation in a compassionate but practical manner.

When a Domestic Violence SC Issue Is Involved in a Divorce Case

Abusive relationships are a nightmare. For many of our clients, filing for divorce was a necessity to protect but our client and the children of the marriage. Our Price Legal Firm offers you a comfortable and confident environment to help you get through the entire divorce process.

When it is essential to get out of such a family violence relationship for your own good, come see us for your FREE lawyer consultation. Call today to our toll-free number: 85-LAW-PRICE, or 855-297-7423. Delaying action and staying in a disharmonious family life could turn into a nightmare that won’t cease.

If you are looking for a reliable attorney to discuss your domestic violence (DV) options, our Price Firm lawyers are available to assist. The family law courts in South Caroline can offer protection to domestic violence survivors, and we offer you

Mediation as An Option in Some Complex Divorces

Mediation is a process of letting a neutral party (usually a retired judge or domestic law professional) review the pending divorce cases and help structure a fair settlement of disputed issues. Mediators are completely aware of family laws, but they provide no legal guidance.

Such contested issues may involve child support, visitation, or settling financial responsibilities. Mediation is also regarded as an alternative way to conclude an acrimonious divorce proceeding.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Finding a Fair Solution without Litigation

Occasionally, in the news, you hear about a pre-nuptial agreement for some celebrity of former President. These legally binding agreements between future spouses are put on paper and signed, to determine (before a marriage takes place) their respective rights regarding property and their finances, in the event of a subsequent divorce.

Similarly, a Postnuptial Agreement is a contract determining finances and property rights after an anticipated divorce between the already married couple. Such agreements are valuable in expediting the divorce action since all the other property division, custody and support issues connected to the divorce have already been spelled out and agreed to by both spouses.

When such important documents are needed, you need to only work with a reliable family law firm. Since this is an adversarial process, our lawyers at the Price Law Firm can only represent one of the spouses, not both.

So, wait no more; if you compromise your health and mental sanity while in a relationship, we suggest it is time to book an appointment with us for a free consultation.

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