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Price Law Firm partners, E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV. Lawyers in Greenville SC that adeptly handle divorce, child support, child custody, separation, alimony and domestic violence cases for upstate SC clients in a 9-couty area.

By: James Hardy Price IV and E. Powers PriceDivorce Lawyers Greenville SC

Not all South Carolina divorce lawyers are the same. But a strong tendency exists to hire local lawyers for upstate SC legal matters and to do it with law firms near me. Yet, everyone knows that choosing convenient proximity does not assure that your divorce consultation near me is with the top-quality legal team in the area.

This observation pertains to not only to a SC divorce attorney’s skill level but also to attitude toward aggressively pursuing family law matters. This maxim applies to family court lawyers in Laurens County SC and divorce lawyers in Spartanburg South Carolina, too.

Dozens of law firms in Greenville SC heavily market for divorce cases. Some also advertise as being willing to handle related cases involving domestic violence, which takes the skills of a criminal defense lawyer. Few (if any) other legal groups have Greenville attorneys more skilled in both criminal defense attorney backgrounds as well as family law representation.

Greenville family law attorneys E. Powers Price and James H. Price IV are divorce lawyers in SC at the Price Law Firm PA. They are the latest in a long line of family court lawyers Greenville SC bearing the Price Law name, dating back to 1906. With many Greenville County natives, the Price Law Firm name and the name of the late Chip Price is associated with the best divorce lawyers in Greenville.

E. Powers Price, with her undgrad degree in English from the University of South Carolina. Partner at Price & Price Attorneys in Greenville County SC. Daughter of James Price III. Her reputation as one of the top local lawyers near me was evidenced by her being elected as the Greenville County Bar Association president in 2020.

Seeking a family attorney Greenville SC? Our law firm’s family lawyers in Greenville SC bring a long and distinguished history for adeptly handling family law cases and giving legal advice in upstate SC.

In civil law practice, no other area of litigation can be as emotionally charged as divorce law. Yet, when money is being allocated to both sides, most want to retain affordable divorce lawyers in Greenville, and our legal professionals offer that “measurable,” too.

Divorce Greenville and in the surrounding counties. Leading up to a divorce, tensions can get very high. The months before a divorce proceeding can sometimes lead to an outbreak of violence that can precipitate SC criminal charges. Our criminal lawyers near me have handled hundreds of family violence (or domestic violence SC) criminal cases that happens before, during or after a divorce proceeding.

Greenville SC Family Lawyers for Divorce Near Me

Having skilled and experienced legal service professionals is highly advisable in the family court Greenville SC and other upstate South Carolina divorce courts. Beyond their local county, both partners cover the multiple counties near and around Greenville County, which are also court venues that the two South Carolina trial lawyers regularly visit in representing their clients.

From their law office, one of our divorce attorneys near me can reach the Greenville family court and 7 nearby county courthouses in less than hour, if traffic is not snarled. So, that means that Anderson County, Spartanburg County, Pickens County, Cherokee County, Laurens County, Abbeville County, and Oconee County. Plus, from time to time, we get to Union County or York County.

Image of the late Chip Price smiling confidently as his two local divorce lawyers near me in Greenville SC work on a case together. Compare their backgrounds and skills with any other domestic lawyer near me in upstate SC.

What Is Family Law Greenville SC?

The general field of family law (or divorce law in SC) pertains to the state statutes and prior appellate case law in the Palmetto State that control the responsibilities of how each party involved in a divorce or a legal separation comport themselves. For decades, our Greenville SC family law team at the Price Law Group have dealt with all types of marital support, marital dissolution, child custody and spousal support plus some marital property disputes in contested cases.

Family law cases involve persons who have come domestic or common dwelling relationship. South Carolina family law typically involves settling legal matters between parties that are related by blood or marriage. Yet in today’s changing world, the topic of “family law” can involve individuals that are part of a more tenuous or casual relationships as existed in the 1960s and before.

To be able to provide general parameters for divorces, SC divorce laws set forth certain “template” or default charts and lists that act as the “default” formula for child support payments and other routine rights and obligations between the individuals involved in family law cases. Not surprisingly, many couples in South Carolina that split up do not agree with those default formulas for property division and financial support and a family law lawyer is needed by one or both litigants.

Beyond their local county, both Greenville lawyers at our downtown office cover the multiple counties near and around Greenville County. Coincidentally, these often are also the same judges and court venues that the two South Carolina trial lawyers regularly visit in representing their other clients, for workers compensation, personal injury attorney Greenville SC, criminal defense and driving under the influence. So, if you are seeking a top family lawyer, Spartanburg SC, please be aware that our law partners know the clerk of court and all court personnel in the upstate courts outside Greenville County.

In such situations, those parties can hire legal counsel to draft a divorce settlement agreement. When no subterfuge, fraud or duress exists, the South Carolina court having jurisdiction over the family dissolution case will approve and later enforce what the parties agree to do.

Most of our family law proceedings come about as a result of the termination of a marriage or an involved or complex romantic relationship. Family law attorneys also help South Carolinians file for a legal separation or a fault or “no-fault” divorce.

Logo for Price Law Form, Greenville South Carolina. Now with over 115 years of legal services supplied to South Carolinians. Powers Price is considered to be among the top female divorce lawyers near me in the northern part of the great state of South Carolina.

Family law attorneys handle divorce, alimony, child custody, visitation issues, and issues relating to financial support. The division of property at the end of a marriage is also a common issue in family law cases.

Few other legal professionals that are divorce attorneys Greenville SC can trace their firm’s legal service history back 69 years before 1975, for representing citizens in family law Greenville cases. Often called the best divorce attorney Greenville, James H. “Chip” Price III, who passed away in 2020, had nearly 45 years serving as a family law attorney Greenville SC and having trained both of his children at Price Law Group in these highly successful methods.

Evolving Concepts for Relationships and Parental Rights Obligations

Child custody and support issues are the concerns commonly addressed in our family courts. Regardless of the disagreements or acrimonious situation between the parents, judges will always decide custody based on “the best interests of the child.”

All parents have a legal duty to provide financial support for their children. The amount of support ordered in a particular case will be calculated according to state statute. Most states publish a child support worksheet that simplifies the task.

The fourth James Hardy Price, James the Fourth stands in from of his desk at the law firm's downtown Greenville SC law office. Whether you need divorce lawyers in Anderson SC, or Spartanburg divorce attorneys, James can be there for your aggressive representation.

Family law Greenville cases can involve many issues. Paternity challenges are sometimes part of the litigation. If such claims are made, a SC judge can order DNA testing, by having your Greenville divorce attorney file the Petition.

Custody lawyers Greenville SC. To do what is best for an unemancipated, dependent child, the family law court judge can grant legal and physical custody to one parent, or (in other cases) these rights for time allocations between parents can be equally shared. In a mobile society like we have, visitation and custody schedules can be a logistical challenge.

Your family court judge will try to permit the child to not be in flux all the time and attempt to avoid unnecessary disruptions to that young person’s life and activities. Other legal issues that may need to be resolved may involve seeking to terminate parental rights for an absent and non-paying parent.

In the last couple of decades, same sex relationships and LGBTQ relationships are occurring. Grandparent rights are limited, but (in many cases) a grandchild may need to be legally adopted.

Modifications and Other Types of Work for Our Family Law Attorneys

Spouses married for a short time may be eligible to seek an annulment. Additionally, special rights may exist for clients in same-sex unions.

Plus, especially after COVID-19, some custody and support orders required modification. The law permits this to happen, and our Greenville divorce attorneys can handle those changed circumstances requests. In fact, our family law attorneys spend much of their time handling our clients’ modification applications and hearings as other divorce proceedings.

To alter a visitation schedule or revise the amount of child support, the requesting party must demonstrate that circumstances have changed since the order was entered. Examples of changed circumstances may include health issues causing physical disability, loss of employment, moving, or a parent dealing with mental health issue, etc.

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No one wants to call a divorce lawyer, but sometimes it is a necessity.

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