Wire Fraud Attorney Greenville SC

Defense Against Wire Fraud Charges

Among white collar crimes charges, wire fraud is not an uncommon crime to be charged with, but there is little doubt that it is serious. As with many other financial crimes, the severity of the punishment is often correlated with the amount of money that is alleged to be involved. What is more, wire fraud charges are often brought in federal court due to the nature of the charges — a distinction that may be lost on people whose attorneys lack extensive experience arguing cases in federal court.

Price Law, a fixture of criminal defense in Greenville, South Carolina, for decades, is dedicated to defending people charged in federal or state court with wire fraud. Our defense lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience providing clients throughout the state with representation in criminal cases.

What Constitutes Wire Fraud?

In short, prosecutors may bring wire fraud charges regarding scams that use interstate wire communications. Due to an increase in the ways people communicate, this now has a rather expansive definition. Wire fraud could entail:

  • Telemarketing schemes, whether conducted via landline or cellphones
  • Fraudulent fax transmissions
  • Email schemes, such as phishing or spam emails meant to capture personal financial information
  • Schemes implemented through broadcasts, such as on radio or television

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