Federal Charges

Aggressive Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

When the federal government gets involved in a criminal investigation, the playing field is far different from that found in South Carolina state courts. The feds expend a great deal of effort and resources in investigating and prosecuting federal crimes. If you are facing a federal indictment, the knowledge and experience of your lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

Highly Experienced Federal Criminal Defense With A Team Approach

The rules, procedures and guidelines that apply in federal court can take years to fully appreciate. Attorney James H. Price III has decades of experience effectively representing clients in federal court. At the Price Law Firm, we draw on that experience — and our team approach — to provide strategic criminal defense representation in federal court regarding cases such as wire fraud or conspiracy. Our three lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your unique circumstances and provide straightforward answers to your questions and concerns. We do not rely on false promises. Our experienced legal team is committed to telling clients what they need to know at every stage of the proceeding.

When you work with the legal team at Price Law, you can rest assured that we will pursue every angle possible to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. While we have substantial experience in criminal defense, we do not rest on our past accomplishments. We are driven to working hard in each and every case to provide the highest quality representation to protect the rights of our clients.

Many federal charges carry mandatory minimum sentences under the federal sentencing guidelines — especially when drugs are involved. In these high-stakes matters, it is critical for you to have representation from a lawyer with deep knowledge of the law and the resources to provide a strategic criminal defense.

Do Not Wait To Retain A Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Often when federal officials conduct an investigation, the target of the inquiry may become aware of the probe. A federal wire fraud investigation, for instance, may include a request for documents. It is important for you to know that you do not have to wait for an indictment to be handed down to benefit from having the representation of a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.