Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Drug Crimes Attorneys

For a drug crimes case in South Carolina to be tried in federal court, it generally will involve serious, far-reaching allegations involving large amounts of drugs, money and, often, people. Federal prosecutors know that the complexity of a federal case can seem overwhelming not only to defendants but to inexperienced defense attorneys. This can create a built-in advantage for the government — one that can be difficult for lawyers without a substantial background with federal cases.

At the Price Law Firm, we will not be intimidated by having a drug crimes case heard in federal court. In fact, we have decades of experience handling federal criminal defense cases. Our attorneys understand and appreciate the seriousness of federal charges and the unique challenges that can arise in a federal court — and how to aggressively and strategically defend our clients and preserve their liberty.

Experience You Can Rely On

Because we come to the table with a solid history of defending clients against serious charges in federal court, we won’t simply accept an unfavorable plea deal for the sake of avoiding a trial. We evaluate each client’s situation in order protect their rights and best interests, and offer our advice accordingly.

We defend clients against serious federal drug charges such as those involving drugs such as:

  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription drugs such as oxycodone or other opioids

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