Motorcycle Accidents

E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price IV, South Carolina litigation attorneys that can be your motorcycle accident lawyer in upstate SC. The two SC attorneys are skilled in gaining excellent recoveries for motorcyclists injured of killed on South Carolina roadways.

By: James Hardy Price IV, Greenville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and E. Powers Price, Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Greenville motorcycle accident. Greenville motorcycle riders make up fewer than 1% of the vehicle on Greenville County accidents, on South Carolina roadways. However, the number of fatalities per mile operated is higher than in any other type of vehicle. The same grim statistic applies to serious bodily injuries and amputations when a Greenville accident involves a motorcycle owner or motorcycle rental.

Breaking News Release: Motorcycle accident yesterday Greenville. Almost any type of traffic accident has the potential to lead to severe injury. Significantly, motorcycle riders involved in motor vehicle accidents often suffer broken or shattered bones, head injuries, paralysis, or loss of limbs (hand, arm, leg).

Some categories of roadway accidents, however, may be more likely to cause specific types of injuries. Even bicycle accidents do not have the same high incidence of death, compared to motorcycle fatalities.

Additionally, permanent injuries and scarring can result from sliding on the road surface, from what is known as “road rash.” Those who read this article may start paying more attention to motorcycles near me and using caution when approaching the potential path of an approaching or turning motorcyclist.

Gaps in motorcycle insurance coverage. Interestingly, in many states, motorcycle insurance may not cover any passengers riding on that motorbike, which can be catastrophic to that hapless passenger and his or her family. Check on this coverage option with any policy purchased.

Plus, liability coverage often is not offered at limits higher than $100,000, depending on the insurance company issuing that policy. Be certain to ask additional coverage questions before you accept a motorcycle insurance quote that sounds like too good of a deal.

See these recent links (below) about nearby motorcycle crashes investigated by the South Carolina Highway Patrol that resulted in motorcycle rider’s death:

Fatal I-385 accident from motorcycle crash in Laurens County in December of 2021

Motorcycle rider dies in Greenville County at I-85 Southbound near I-385

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Crash?

Chip Price with his two lawyer partners and children, working at their office in 2018. For those injured in a motorcycle crash in or near Greenville, SC, Price and Price attorneys can pursue and litigate you claim for damages, lost wages and pain and suffering. The firm's attorneys can also be your legal advocates for a motorcycle accident, Spartanburg, SC or Anderson, SC.

At the Price Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, our SC attorneys work to hold those responsible for motorcycle accidents accountable for their negligent actions. Our two law partners were trained in civil litigation by our late father, James H. Price III, but better known by his nickname, Chip Price.

Chip had been a motorcycle accident attorney Greenville for 45 years. He was well known for getting high dollar offers to settle case rather than go to trial when a Greenville County jury would potentially award even more money.

These hardnose negotiation methods were “drilled into” his children’s heads. This important training from the venerable, seasoned Greeneville motorcycle accident lawyer has served them (and their clients) well.

Price law Firm, PA logo proudly heralding over 100 years of legal services in upstate South Carolina. Few (if any) other personal injury law firms in upstate SC can claim such a long and proud heritage of representing South Carolinians.

Our Price and Price attorneys have worked with many South Carolina bike crash victims. Our law firm has been in business over 100 years in Greenville. In all motorcycle crashes, our task is to see that our accident victims receive the full available compensation for injuries that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Motorcycle accident Greenville, SC. When our personal injury attorneys receive a call from a victim of a motorcycle crash Greenville, SC, that person is still hospitalized or rehabilitating in a nursing home or rehab facility. Commonly, we hear from the cyclist’s loved ones.

Often, they tell us of the motorcycle accident yesterday. Greenville, SC has more than the average number of motorbike crashes due to a combination of factors. One factor is the high number of vehicles traveling in, around and through Greenville County, with many on the I-85 corridor or one of the other major feeder roads.

Motorcycle accident today. News reports on the evening new often reveal a police report about a sensational motorcycle accident Greenville, SC today. Many people who operate a motorcycle learned to ride by starting on an off-road smaller bike, where no dangerous traffic was passing them a few feet away.

Those who fail to take organized, sanctioned motorcycle classes to help the students prevent future motorcycle accident cases, when they receive their motorcycle license. Some of the most valuable lessons they learn are to respect and avoid passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks. The constant admonitions about driving defensively, using patience, and anticipating that the other vehicle does not see you are among the most valuable lessons.

Can Price Law Firm cover my case after my motorcycle wreck in Spartanburg SC? Yes, we can. In fact, the map below shows our 9-county area of coverage around Greenville, South Carolina. Beyond that area, our legal team can refer you to another South Carolina personal injury attorney in other parts of the Palmetto State, or other states.

SC map of areas in upstate South Carolina that our Price lawyers cover. The I-85 corridor and a 50 mile swath on either side of the Interstate roughly defines our law practice area. Call today for a FREE lawyer consultation and learn about our "no fee unless you win" contingency fees.

If you have suffered injury is a motorcycle accident Spartanburg SC today or in the recent past, call our legal services professionals for a free lawyer consultation. Since the physical evidence at the roadway and possible video camera footage of the crash may be lost or taped over, call us today, so that our personal injury law professionals can start protecting that invaluable evidence.

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