Motorcycle Accidents

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?

Just about any type of traffic accident has the potential to lead to serious injury. Some accidents, however, may be more likely to cause specific types of injuries. In particular, motorcycle riders involved in motor vehicle accidents often suffer broken or shattered bones, head injuries, and injuries from sliding on the road surface, known as road rash.

At the Price Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, we work to hold those responsible for motorcycle accidents accountable for their actions. Our attorneys have worked with many South Carolina bike crash victims over the years to help them receive compensation for injuries that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Not Seeing You And Your Bike Isn’t An Excuse For An Accident

No doubt you’ve seen or heard the public safety slogan “Start Seeing Motorcycles” over the years, and it’s advice that holds true today. Drivers of cars and trucks often get by with a quick glance in the rear-view or side mirror to check for other big vehicles. Motorcycles, of course, are much smaller and have a lower profile than a big rig or an SUV, so they can go unseen by drivers who are too casual with their safety checks.

Frequently, the driver of a car or truck that has hit a motorcyclist will say, “I never saw them.” This might be true as the reason for the crash, but it is hardly an excuse — particularly when a larger vehicle might sustain only a dent or a scratch in a crash with a motorcycle, while the biker ends up with critical injuries.