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The exhilaration from being able to ride a motorcycle is what draws millions of riders to “take to the highway.” Unfortunately, the open roads inevitably expose bike riders to potentially serious injury or death, when a larger vehicle collides with the biker. In the legal industry, these civil accident cases are generically called “personal injury” cases or “PI” cases.

Court cases must identify the source of all losses for our clients, and then let a jury decide what amount (for each category) the “at-fault” party must pay. Some items of financial restitution pertain to hospital bills, ambulance transport, rehabilitation costs, and (in some cases) prosthetic limbs.

In some cases, our legal team also must help surviving family members (for a deceased biker) recover funeral expenses in fatality cases. In these types of civil litigation cases, the claims are called “wrongful death” litigation. South Carolina laws control which family member (or members) have the exclusive right to bring the wrongful death claim.

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Recovering After Being Injured in a SC Motorcycle Crash

Just about any type of traffic accident has the potential to lead to serious injury. Some accidents, however, may be more likely to cause specific types of injuries. Motorcycle riders involved in motor vehicle accidents often suffer broken or shattered bones, head injuries, loss of limb, scarring, and other disfiguring injuries from sliding on the road surface, known as “road rash.”

A motorcycle injury attorney can help you and your family members recover monetary damages after a motorcycle accident. Often involving catastrophic injuries that created a permanent disability, a wrongful death, or caused a large medical bill for motorbike riders who incur serious bodily injuries.

A short list of the categories of compensation for motorcycle crashes might include:

  • Reimbursement for the biker’s lost income (lost salary or wages). When the crash causing permanent disability, these are very large dollar claims.
  • Payment for emergency treatment, inpatient medical bills plus any outpatient medical care costs
  • Reimbursement of related, past medical costs already paid out during recovery
  • A recovery can be obtained for property damage, if the wreck resulted in damage to the biker’s cycle, and possibly destroyed other personal property, like a cell phone, or a GoPro camera.
  • When egregious pain and suffering were caused to our client by the negligent party, this category’s “dollar amount” is left to the jury’s discretion, meaning they give it a “dollar value.”
  • In some cases, a reimbursement for our client’s attorney’s fees can be on the list of requested recovery items.
  • Punitive damages (damages to punish the negligent motorist) can be recovered in some PI cases where a negligent driver can be shown to have acted egregiously. One of the more common examples of this may be awarded against a DUI driver who caused the crash.

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Not Seeing You and Your Motorcycle Isn’t an Excuse for Causing an Accident in SC

No doubt you’ve seen or heard the public safety slogan “Start Seeing Motorcycles” over the years, and it is good advice that holds true today. Drivers of cars and trucks often get by with a quick glance in the rear-view or side mirror to check for other big vehicles. Motorcycles, of course, are much smaller and have a lower profile than a big rig truck or an SUV, so they can go unseen by drivers who are too casual with their safety checks.

Frequently, the driver of a car or truck that has hit a motorcyclist will say, “I never saw them.” This might be true as the reason for the crash, but it is hardly an excuse — particularly when a larger vehicle might sustain only a dent or a scratch in a crash with a motorcycle, while the biker ends up with critical injuries.

The lure of the open road and enjoying the outdoors on a motorcycle is just part of many motorbike riders’ psyches. When tragedy happens, remember that all vehicles have equal access to the roads, including motorcycle operators.

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