Truck Accidents

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Driving a commercial truck in South Carolina requires skill, extensive training and a commitment to safety. Unfortunately, many drivers and trucking companies push the limits of what they and their 18-wheelers can handle in terms of a safe experience for other drivers on the road. And when a truck accident happens, injuries can be severe due to the sheer size of a tractor-trailer, not to mention any hazardous cargo it might be hauling.

At Price Law Firm in Greenville, we represent people who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own — including those who have been injured in a truck crash. We make it our mission to provide aggressive, prudent advocacy for accident victims and their families.

We’ll Put In The Hard Work On Your Behalf

Insurance companies may be motivated to settle your claims quickly, before you consult with a personal injury attorney. They might portray themselves as doing you a favor in that you might be able to get compensated on a faster timeline than by consulting with a lawyer first. However, this is often not in your best interests, particularly for injury claims stemming from truck accidents.

Truck drivers must keep good records of their time spent on the road and maintenance done to their vehicle, as well as be responsible for securing their loads and making sure they have gotten the minimum amount of rest needed to legally operate their big rig. Additionally, trucking companies must maintain solid oversight of the vehicles and drivers they use. A quick settlement offer might not address some or all of these potential contributing factors to an accident.