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Some lawyers rarely, if ever, go to a courthouse to litigate cases. Our lawyers in Greenville SC are just the opposite. The cases that our Greenville SC lawyers accept are virtually 100% litigation cases for civil court cases (including personal injury, divorce, and family law) and criminal defense cases.

Fewer than 20% of law firms in Greenville SC can claim to be so focused on litigation-oriented cases as our Greenville attorneys. Many of the other firms handle legal matters like real estate, tax laws, estates and wills, or employment law.

Straightforward Legal Advice & Aggressive Representation by SC Lawyers

For 116 years, starting in 1906, the name “James Hardy Price” in South Carolina has been associated with Greenville lawyers who fight cases for their clients. Today, SC attorneys James Hardy Price IV and E. Powers Price are the proud children of legendary trial lawyer, Chip Price, also known as “James Hardy Price III,” who passed away in 2020.

Every year, Chip was ranked among the top lawyers near me, and was a repeat Super Lawyer. To this day, many still proclaim him to be the best attorney in Greenville SC over the past three decades.

Greenville SC criminal defense lawyers Chip Price, E. Powers Price, and James Hardy Price handle DUI, sex crimes, federal crimes and personal injury like car wrecks, truck accidents, and motorcycle crashes.

Like their father, Chip Price, Greenville SC criminal defense lawyers E. Powers Price, and James Hardy Price IV handle DUI, sex crimes, federal crimes and personal injury like car wrecks, truck accidents, and motorcycle crashes. Powers Price,started her career (in indigent defense) at the public defender office Greenville SC (to obtain a lot of trial experience). She was also the 2020 President of the Greenville Bar Association. Also working initially in the SC criminal courts, her brother James took a position with the Prosecutor’s office.

The “fight for our clients” baton has been passed to Chip’s descendants to continue representing South Carolinians who need aggressive legal representation. James and Powers bring over two decades of collective courtroom experience as SC attorneys. Plus, they both learned from and worked for Chip long before being sworn in as SC lawyers.

James H. Price IV and E. Powers Price, your legal warriors for aggressive personal injury litigation in the upstate counties of South Carolina. The lifelong SC natives are here to serve your needs in wrongful death and personal injury claims. In addition, medical malpractice and premises cases are also additional civil law litigation fields that they excel in.

Criminal Defense Attorneys: Criminal Lawyers in Greenville SC Covered All Upstate SC Counties

For all our years as lawyers in South Carolina, when defending citizens charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses or felony crimes, the attorneys in our Price Law Group know that our assigned law partner must outwork the government to provide a rigorous defense to criminal charges in state and federal courts.

Ranging from assault, battery, domestic violence, theft, simple possession of marijuana or other drug possession charges to sex crimes and everything in between, a felony lawyer from Price Law Firm or misdemeanor attorney from our law offices near me will be at your side. Click here to Learn More.

DUI in SC: Felony or Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence in South Carolina

In the part of upstate SC our litigators cover, our lawyers near me for DUI aggressively investigate every aspect of your DUI arrest, booking and any post-arrest blood collection or breath alcohol forensic testing. Traffic ticket crimes can disrupt some clients’ lives more than a non-motor vehicle crime, such as shoplifting or soliciting prostitution.

Often, by finding a way to have a DUI reduced to reckless driving, our traffic ticket attorneys can ease the anxiety of our worried clients, and not have to go to trial. Beyond creating a criminal record, the lengthy list of adverse consequences that SC DUI criminal cases can bring may be life-altering. You need a veteran traffic ticket lawyer to “go to bat” for you and find a favorable solution.

Greenville SC criminal defense attorney E. Powers Price learned successful litigation from her father, the late Chip Price.

When a car wreck leads to death or serious injury to another, such car accidents may be accused as a felony DUI, even for a first offense DUI in SC. Plus, for about a decade, a 3rd DUI within 10 years is accused as a DUI felony in the Palmetto State. Recently, E. Powers Price collaborated with a top Georgia DUI law firm in assuring that a client with 4 pending DUI charges in three states did not end up with a felony DUI offense in SC for his Traveler’s Rest case. Click to Learn More

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