Federal Conspiracy Charges

Is Your Freedom At Risk?

Being charged with federal conspiracy can be overwhelming. While the charges may be relatively straightforward, how they can affect you and your freedom can be confusing. It is of crucial importance to work with a criminal defense lawyer who has a wealth of experience handling cases involving criminal conspiracies — particularly those that are charged in federal court.

In South Carolina, that means relying on the attorneys at the Price Law Firm in Greenville. Our legal team has more than 50 years of legal experience, including with many cases that have been heard in federal court. We have handled complicated charges involving wide-ranging conspiracies, and our record of success means that our clients can feel confident that they are making a solid choice by having us defend them and their freedom.

Federal Conspiracy Representation Tailored To Individual Clients

Not only is every federal conspiracy case different; charges affecting people can vary depending on their alleged involvement. Someone who is pulled into an investigation and charged might not have a sizable connection to the core case, but they can still face tough punishment anyway.

We believe in communicating frequently with our clients so they know what to expect and what can best help their situation. We put our clients first, and as such, having them on board with our strategy is a key part of that.

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