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James H. Price IV and E. Powers Price, your legal warriors for aggressive personal injury litigation in the upstate counties of South Carolina. The lifelong SC natives are here to serve your needs in wrongful death and personal injury claims. In addition, medical malpractice and premises cases are also additional civil law litigation fields that they excel in.

By: James H. Price IV, Accident Attorney Near Me and E. Powers Price, Greenville SC Personal Injury Attorney – SC Personal Injury Lawyers Who Don’t Back Down from Auto Insurance Lawyers on a Car Accident Case

Our Greenville SC law firm near me has spent over 115 years handling plaintiff’s personal injury cases and helping injured clients and their family members in the upstate area of the Palmetto State. Try to find other local law firms in Greenville SC or surrounding counties with a longer legal history than the Price Law Firm!

After a car wreck with the property damage and medical bills for any personal injuries, you need immediate legal advice to start the quest to recover compensation. Our accident lawyers near me will make certain that police at the scene identified the victims in the police report and see which witnesses or 911 callers can be listed as potential witnesses.

Interviewing various best injury lawyers near me. When you call a car accident lawyer Greenville, SC with Price and Price Attorneys, our Greenville SC car accident lawyers provide a 100% FREE lawyer consultation. Calling a personal injury lawyer South Carolina soon after a collision is smart, because quick action may help preserve important evidence about the motor vehicle collision that may soon disappear.

See these examples of personal injury claims that can be negatively impacted by delaying in hiring legal professionals for your case:

  • The at-fault vehicle had a vehicle defect (e.g., a rollover wreck due to defective tire blowout or tire delamination) that may provide a second defendant on a product liability claim;
  • When “who was at fault” is an issue in the car crash, our lawyers in Greenville will want to send our accident reconstruction expert to measure crush damage and download the EDRs (event data recorders) on each vehicle;
  • Any potential witnesses to the crash may need to be tracked down or look for nearby premises cameras that may have captured the impact and show what really happened.
  • In rare instances, our clients are taken to an emergency room and get negligent or faulty treatment from a medical professional at that medical facility, e.g., leaving a foreign object in your body after surgery). In such instances, our litigation attorneys can also handle that claim as your malpractice attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina.

Greenville Personal Injury Attorneys for a Car Accident Greenville SC

Our two personal injury lawyers were trained (even before law school) by the late James H. (Chip) Price III, who routinely fought insurance companies in SC for over four decades. The legendary trial lawyer taught our Greenville lawyers at the Price Law Office to fight for and achieve justice for those who have been negatively affected by the negligence of others.

The late James Hardy Price III, 1949-2020; Both Price Law Group partners were trained by Chip Price for several years prior to his untimely death.

What are personal injury (PI) cases? Most personal injury claims in the State of South Carolina are undertaken by our Greenville car accident attorneys, for citizens with significant injuries from an auto accident. Of course, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian deaths and serious injuries are also part of our litigation services.

Additionally, our Greenville attorneys also litigate premises liability cases, such as negligent security by large stores nearby like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Kroger, CVS, or Walgreen’s. When giant, for-profit companies “invite” you to shop with them, it is incumbent upon them to keep their properties SAFE. Each store must use reasonable judgment and common sense to anticipate “threats” and to correct or fix hazards of any type.

JJames Hardy Price IV, partner of Price Law Firm. Along with my sister, we are Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville County, SC. Most of our personal injury law cases are from motor vehicle crashes near me in the upstate area of South Carolina. The two Palmetto State natives who now represent Price & Price Attorneys are Fourth Generation attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina.

In addition, claims for bodily injury or sexual assault at apartment complexes, condo associations or hotels are often due to lax security measures. Others need a Spartanburg wrongful death attorney or a Greenville wrongful death lawyer, to pursue legal damages for a loved one’s loss of life.

Regardless of the upstate SC county, our partners are ready to serve as your lawyers in Sumter, SC, or your attorneys in Greenwood SC, or to litigate a car accident Spartanburg SC. Contact Greenville car accident lawyer James H. Price IV or E. Powers Price to be your lawyers in Greer SC, your Anderson attorneys in Anderson SC, or your lawyers in Spartanburg SC.

Our South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys in Greenville SC

Our personal injury law firm staffed by tenacious Greenville SC attorneys has represented clients in the Palmetto State since 1906. Not all attorneys in South Carolina act as a plaintiff lawyer, personal injury, since this field of law practice heavily focuses on litigation. Our Greenville SC lawyers are up to the task of taking on the insurance defense attorneys in SC.

Price Law Firm is happy to remain as your local injury lawyers. Our dedicated upstate injury lawyers near me will never try to conquer all the State of South Carolina (or open law offices in other states). In our opinion, too many law firms in South Carolina have muddied the waters for fair jury verdicts through their unsavory and annoying advertising campaigns on television, radio, billboards, and social media.

Even a slip and fall case can be serious, with thousands of Americans dying annually from falling. The usual cause of death is head trauma. Some victims in serious accident cases often face a lengthy and costly recovery period, but some will never regain their previous vitality and “joy of life.” South Carolina Injury law provides for this category of damages, when you opt for a jury trial.

This can cause a ripple effect that impacts the injured person’s entire family. Traumatic brain injuries, amputations, or burn injuries that cause pain and suffering plus leave permanent scarring are devastating to the victim and her or his family. Plus, injuries causing paralysis and loss of use of a limb are a few of the other very serious types of cases our legal team will pursue.

The logo of Price Law Firm. The late James Hardy Price III, 1949-2020 prepared but of the current Price Law Group partners. Each was trained by Chip Price for several years prior to his untimely death. Greenville, South Carolina.

Many of our clients can only stem their pain levels by use of long-term medical care, therapy, and rehabilitation. If this sounds like what you are going through. Call today for a FREE consultation. Do not settle a serious claim without the guidance of an experienced lawyer who knows how to anticipate the battle ahead and find ways to prove the true cost of your recovery, and the long-term expenses that will be required in the future.

Our Greenville SC Lawyers Hold Wrongdoers Accountable, So Call Today

The personal injury attorneys near me at Price Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, are relentless in holding negligent actors and their insurance companies accountable. The significant harm that the “at-fault” driver caused needs to be “made whole” through a verdict that “speaks the truth” about the value of that injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit.

Call today to speak with our attorneys near me in Upstate SC, and receive your free consultation lawyer phone call, virtual meeting or in person consult with our South Carolina lawyers. Contact us at 864-271-3535.